About the Mission Statement for Humanity

In his groundbreaking book, The Supercivilization: Survival in the Era of Human Versus Human, John Moser theorizes that humanity is faced with the distinct possibility of self-annihilation that has never before existed. With a declining resource base, increasing interconnectedness, and tremendous disparities in wealth, humanity today has a potentially noxious combination of factors that will make avoiding a self-annihilation extremely difficult. Moser argues that the only way to deal with this situation is to immediately create a strong global government and enfranchise all seven billion people. He argues that giving all people the power, not just those with the power and capability to generate an immediate self-interest, to determine the future of humanity will be the key to survival. Putting human health and environmental health first, before self-interest, will be a necessity for our survival.

In the introduction of his book, he proposes The Mission Statement for Humanity. This is a ten point plan that outlines an immediate need to acknowledge the existence of the one civilization that we all are part of today called The Supercivilization. Once we acknowledge this, we can then make significant changes in our problem solving to create real solutions and not merely pseudosolutions. For the first time, natural problems have been drowned out by the social problems of what Moser calls the sociologically modern human. The social problems become far more difficult to resolve in a world with so much interconnectedness, so many limited resources, and such disparities in wealth that he fears until we align our institutions to match that of sociologically modern humans, we could be in for a major human-induced catastrophe. Moser does not want to see that happen. Do you? If you feel the same way, sign the Mission Statement for Humanity now.